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Why We Ride
Why We Ride And Why You Should Join the MSing Links
Have you ever been on a ride and wondered: "is this the most perfect day in the world?" It's clear and sunny, no wind, and you're pedaling in a rhythm that you could ride all day with ease. Perhaps you're riding solo on a country road, or in the company of friends, leading a paceline, riding faster and better than you ever have. You're invigorated by the spinning of the pedals, marveling at the elegance and simplicity of the bike, soaking in the sunshine. You're outdoors, enjoying the wonders of God's creation. And at the end of the day, you take joy from the experience, knowing you've done something to exercise your body, relax your mind, and improve your health.
We've all had days like that, when everything seems right, and the bicycle seems to disappear beneath you as you glide along road. I've enjoyed quite a few perfect rides like this, many of them with my friends on the cycling team with the whimsical name, the MSing Links.
It makes you realize that every ride is a gift. Once a year, we team together to share that gift. We share it with hundreds of others who gather in New Bern each September. We share it for a cause. We share it so that others may have hope that a cure can be found for a disease that strikes so many adults in their prime. And progress is being made! Progress that enables people like our founder and spiritual leader, Christi Hales, to enjoy an active life and a successful business career. Or Team supporter Gene Caffrey, whose diagnosis motivated him to achieve an awesome level of fitness. Progress that moves us ever closer to a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.
One weekend out of the year, the joy of cycling grows beyond our own personal enjoyment, and becomes a collective joy of shared hope.
You can share in the joy, and the hope, by joining the MSing Links.
It's easy! Just click on the Bike MS homepage, then 'Join a Team'. There, you can search for 'MSing Links' and proceed to register.
Let me tell you, friends. If you've never participated in this event, it is a real treat -- a weekend party on wheels where cyclists literally take over the picturesque and historic city of New Bern.
Now is the time to share. Now is the time to join the MSing Links.
Thank you!
The MSing Links Cycling Team

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